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Our Dentist Can Treat Your Tooth Pain With a Root Canal

Extreme pain, inflammation, or swelling in or around a tooth often leads patients to our office for root canal treatment. Our goal is to relieve the pain and inflammation. Plus, whenever possible, we try to save the tooth, because a natural tooth is ideal for biting and chewing. This may require us to perform an endodontic treatment. Dr. Douglas Smith, DDS has performed countless successful root canals in our Logan, UT clinic, and would be happy to speak with you about the procedure if you have questions or concerns.

Root Canals

What is a Root Canal?

Deep decay, a crack, chip or other injury may cause the pulp of a tooth to become inflamed or infected, leading to severe pain, or even an abscess. After determining that you need a root canal to save your tooth, Dr. Smith will clean the pulp out from inside the tooth, pack it with medication to clear bacteria or infection, and place a temporary crown over it. Once he has determined that your tooth is infection-free, Dr. Smith will add a permanent crown over the tooth and you will be able to use it as normal.

While most teeth can be saved, on occasion, we run into situations where a root canal isn’t an option. This may be due to the canals of the tooth’s root being inaccessible, to poor bone structure in the jaw, or because a root is fractured beyond repair. In these cases, endodontic surgery may be necessary, or the tooth may have to be removed and replaced with something like a bridge or dental implant.

Get Quick Tooth Pain Relief

While no one likes to hear they need a root canal, most patients are pleasantly surprised that the procedure is not as agonizing as legend has purported it to be. Clients typically experience immediate relief from their pain and report quick and full recoveries.

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