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Advanced Technology

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When you’re looking for a dental office you can trust in Logan, Utah, you want to make sure that dentist is up to date with all the latest technology. At the dental office of Dr. Douglas F. Smith, DDS in Logan, we’re equipped with a wide variety of advanced technologies and techniques that make our dental procedures more efficient, comfortable, and easier for our patients. Here are some of the advanced technologies we use in our dental office.

With digital X-rays and portable X-ray guns, we’re able to quickly and easily get X-rays of your jaw and teeth. Since these are digital technologies, we no longer have to wait for film to develop to view your X-rays, so we can find issues and make diagnoses faster. Digital X-rays and X-ray guns also emit much less radiation, which makes them safer to use on all our patients.

With 3D imaging, we can create a 3D model of your teeth using computers. The computerized 3D model is not only extremely exact, but it also helps us prepare for procedures and other oral surgeries. Much like 3D imaging, panoramic radiographs provide an accurate 2D X-ray of your mouth and can help us with diagnosing, finding problem areas, and more.

With intraoral cameras, we’re able to take high-quality images and videos of the inside of your mouth. These cameras let us show you what we’re seeing, and we can walk you through any problematic areas and possible treatment options. Intraoral cameras are also a great way to view hard-to-reach areas and can help us make a more accurate diagnosis.

At the dental office of Dr. Douglas F. Smith, DDS, we use a laser cavity detection system that helps our hygienists and dentist find areas that have decay. With this technology, we can detect small and large areas of decay, allowing us to stop and fill cavities before they worsen. This technology helps us with detection, and it can save you from having a more extensive issue by detecting cavities early on.



When you’re looking for a reliable dentist that utilizes advanced technology in the Logan area, be sure to trust us at Dr. Douglas F. Smith, DDS. With the wide variety of technology available to us, we can make your dentist visit more comfortable for you. Our technology also helps us provide the most accurate diagnosis and can help prevent small cavities from becoming larger. Much of our technology can also provide useful dental procedures and surgeries. Schedule an appointment with us at Dr. Douglas F. Smith, DDS, for advanced dental care. Call us today for more information or to make an appointment.