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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening


If you’ve been using store-bought products to whiten your teeth but don’t see any results, it may be time for you to try our teeth whitening at Dr. Douglas F. Smith, DDS in Logan, Utah. Our teeth whitening services are a non-invasive treatment that can help you brighten up your smile! Even better is that when you visit a dentist’s office for tooth whitening, you won’t need touch-ups as often as using store-bought whitening strips and other products.


There are several options for whitening your teeth. When you’re looking for an effective and lasting teeth whitening treatment, we can provide you with options that best suit your needs and budget. All our options will help bring a brilliant white color to your teeth. Call us or schedule an appointment to start discussing the best teeth whitening options for you.

We can help you whiten your teeth no matter what the cause for discoloration may be, which can include:

  • Smoking and tobacco use

  • Normal aging

  • Fluorosis

  • Poor dental hygiene

  • Illness

  • Tea, coffee, and wine consumption

While these aren’t the only reasons for discoloration, they are among the most common. No matter the reason your teeth have become discolored, we can help you restore them to their natural, white coloring.


When you choose professional teeth whitening over at-home options, there are several benefits, including:

  • Professional teeth whitening gives a strong and more thorough whitening to improve your smile.

  • A tooth whitening treatment is quick, painless, and can be done within an hour. They typically don’t need multiple sessions either.

  • As opposed to store-bought treatments, professional teeth whitening is customized for the individual patient.

  • It’s a completely safe and comfortable dental treatment.


Teeth whitening is an extremely affordable method to brighten your teeth. Our office can work with you on budgets and payment methods as well.

No. Tooth bleaching is an interchangeable term for tooth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening is an extremely quick process that can be completed within an hour.

As with any method of teeth whitening, it’s not a permanent solution. How long your teeth remain whitened depends on your oral hygiene habits and the types of foods and drinks you regularly consume. Typically, though, your teeth will stay white for six months to two years.

While teeth whitening is usually a cosmetic dentistry service for adults, some teens can also benefit from this treatment. Teenagers with discoloration or stains might feel insecure about their smile, and teeth whitening can help with their confidence. However, treating teens is done on a case-by-case basis, and younger children aren’t candidates for teeth whitening services.

Another great thing about teeth whitening treatments is that they are usually painless. While you may feel a bit of discomfort, it’s unlikely you’ll notice any pain at all. Many teeth whitening treatments only involve applying a product or using a light laser, so you won’t have to deal with shots or anything worrisome.

If done in a setting outside of a dentistry office, teeth whitening can damage teeth. This is why it’s usually not recommended to try teeth whitening options on your own. While many over-the-counter products are harmless, it’s best to leave teeth whitening to your family dentist. We ensure our teeth whitening procedures are safe for you and your teeth and that they don’t damage enamel.

When you’re planning to get your teeth whitened before an event like a wedding or vacation, we recommend booking the visit around three weeks before. This way, you’ll get the most natural-looking results and also have time for a follow-up visit if needed.



When you’re looking for the best quality teeth whitening at affordable prices, Dr. Douglas F. Smith, DDS is the perfect go-to dentist in the Logan, UT, area. With options to suit all tooth types and Saturday availability, there’s no better choice for professional bleaching. Contact us today or stop by our office to plan a time for your teeth whitening appointment!