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Natural-colored Fillings



Cavities and cracks can cause damage to your teeth that require dental treatment. When this happens to your tooth, a safe solution is a natural-colored filling, which is sometimes called a composite filling. Fillings not only repair any damage to your teeth, but many times can help you regain the function of a tooth. At Dr. Douglas F. Smith, DDS, we provide excellent dental filling services in the Logan area.



A natural-colored filling is a method used to restore damaged teeth. Teeth can be damaged in many ways. Common reasons for needing a composite filling include having a cavity, a chipped or cracked tooth, or a fractured tooth.

When you trust us for your natural-colored filling, we can typically finish the procedure in a relatively quick session. Sometimes you may need to come back for another session if you have multiple areas that need natural-colored fillings.


Composite fillings offer a wide range of advantages, with the main one being that it blends in with the natural color of your teeth. Other advantages include:

  • There is no mercury in the filling.

  • Composite fillings can be repaired if damaged.

  • They bond to your tooth naturally.

  • Natural-colored fillings can be used on any tooth—front or back.

  • They can help restore strength to your tooth.


When you schedule an appointment with us, the first thing that we’ll do is numb the tooth so that you don’t feel anything during the procedure. While the tooth is numb, we’ll remove any decay before placing the natural-colored filling. Once we remove all decay, we can place and shape the filling for a natural look and feel. After we harden the composite filling, the numbness should start to wear off, and your tooth will be as good as new.


Whenever you have questions about the dental services at Dr. Douglas F. Smith, DDS, our qualified staff are happy to answer them. You can give our office a call during business hours, and we can answer any concern or need right away. But, for some overall questions about our natural-colored filling services, check out our FAQ section below.

Many insurance plans will cover a natural-colored filling, but not all do. The best way to know if your filling will be covered is to come into our office and give us your insurance information. We can then let you know how much of the procedure is covered. If not, we will work with you to figure out the best course of action for your dental health needs.

No, we make the procedure as painless as possible for you by first numbing the tooth. So, while the procedure might cause some mild discomfort, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your visit by offering pain management services. You shouldn’t feel anything during the process of filling your tooth, so always let one of our qualified staff know if you need more help to feel at ease.

When some people hear the phrase dental filling, they think of a metal filing that’s hard to miss. While these used to be more common, most fillings today are made of a composite material. With new advancements in dental technology, you can get all the benefits of old-school fillings without the downside. So, your tooth will get the repair work it needs while still looking bright and natural. A composite filling blends in to match your natural tooth, so you will still feel confident to flash your pearly whites.

While a composite filling looks natural and can improve the appearance of a chipped tooth, composite fillings aren’t just for aesthetic purposes.

After a cavity or a small chip, your tooth needs to be strengthened to prevent further damage. A filling helps ensure you don’t wind up with further dental issues down the road, such as an infection or a worsening hole in your tooth. In many cases, getting a natural-looking filing is the best course to ensure your oral health is in good shape while also improving the cosmetic appearance of your smile.



Whether you suspect you have a damaged tooth or your last trip to the dentist confirmed that you have a cavity, now’s the time to schedule a day for us to repair your tooth. Our natural-colored fillings are the best option for you, and we offer the best filling services in Logan. When you need a tooth repaired, trust Dr. Douglas F. Smith, DDS to safely fix your tooth. Contact us today for more information on composite fillings or to schedule an appointment.