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If you’re missing a tooth or maybe even a couple, dentures are often not the best option. In this case, dental bridges can help supply the support and strength you need to restore to your missing tooth. At Dr. Douglas F. Smith, DDS, our experienced team can help fit you with a dental bridge for a gap between your teeth. Not only will this help restore use to the missing tooth, but it can help you regain a beautiful smile.

A dental bridge is a type of artificial tooth that can be used to bridge the gap between two teeth if you have a missing tooth. Dental bridges can replace one or multiple missing teeth. To help anchor the bridge in place, crowns are used to connect it to the natural teeth on both sides. Just like crowns, bridges are custom fit for your mouth, giving you a natural and comfortable feel. At our Logan dentist office, fitting and placing a bridge will typically take two appointments so that we can have your crowns and bridge custom-made for your mouth.

A bridge might be necessary if you’ve lost a tooth to gum disease, injury, or even tooth decay. Some people are even born with missing teeth, which can also be a reason for a bridge. Bridges can help you in many ways, including:

  • Restoring your smile

  • Preventing your teeth near the gap from shifting and moving out of place

  • Restoring your ability to chew and eat

  • Returning strength to the area of your mouth missing the tooth.

Sometimes a missing tooth can also affect your speech. Having a bridge placed can help return your speech to what it was before you lost your tooth.


The lifespan of a dental bridge can greatly depend on a person’s oral hygiene. If you properly take care of your teeth and the bridge, it can last up to 15 years.

Dental bridges are a permanent solution to missing teeth, but this doesn’t mean they won’t require replacement every five to 15 years.

A dental bridge does not always need to be placed in your mouth using crowns, but it does require something to help keep it in place, such as implant-supported bridges.



If you’re ready to start the process of getting a dental bridge, trust us at Dr. Douglas F. Smith, DDS for your procedure. Whether you’re missing one tooth or a few, we can help figure out the best type of bridge for you. We also offer Saturday hours to make things more convenient for our patients. Call us today to schedule a dental bridge appointment with our Logan dental office!